If your car won't start it could be a dead battery. The auto part professionals at Mio Auto Value can test your battery and install a new one if needed.

Battery Recycling
Since automotive batteries contain a number of toxic chemicals and heavy metals, dead batteries should be recycled to save the environment from pollution. Battery recycling is the process aimed at reducing the number of batteries being disposed of as solid waste. The process reduces the risks of soil contamination and water pollution. Mio Auto Value provides a battery recycling service. Visit our auto parts store in Mio, MI 48647 or call us today.

Battery Testing
Battery testing is the process of examining an automotive battery to gather useful information about individual cells and the battery. Although battery testing is fairly simple and straightforward (and only requires a few basic tools), the test results are not straightforward. For this reason, you should let an experienced auto parts professional handle your battery testing. For all your battery testing needs, call 989-826-3237 or visit Mio Auto Value today.

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