Mixing Systems and Stocking Plans
For shop owners, we offer mixing systems and stocking plans for shops. Paint mixing systems will help you address your customer's mixing needs effectively while the stocking plans will help you manage your auto body shop's stock effectively. Call or visit Mio Auto Value in Mio, MI 48647 today for the latest auto body shop supplies.

Shop Training through Manufacturers
At Mio Auto Value, we also offer shop training through manufacturers. If you or your staff need specialized training, call or visit Mio Auto Value today.

Spray Guns and Equipment
Spray guns and equipment are the gear required to complete a painting job successfully. The quality of painting equipment used will influence the results. For this reason, always use high quality spray guns and equipment. For quality painting gear (manual spray guns, automatic spray guns, air compressors and other painting equipment), visit or call 989-826-3237 Mio Auto Value today.

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